December 2018, Bucharest

Individual well-being, employee engagement and a culture of well-being are linked to the performance of an organization, whether we measure it through productivity, employee retention or even its financial outcomes. ​But how can we create a culture of organizational well-being in a truly sustainable way? Which are the pillars we should build on and what factors influence it the most?

As a unique endeavor in Romania, Business Review magazine is measuring the well being of companies in Romania and their employees. The research will generate an Organizational Well-Being Index with the purpose of recognizing and acknowledging the companies with the highest global scores of organizational well-being as well as initiatives with excellent scores within particular dimensions of the study.

Following the preliminary results of the Organizational Well-Being from 2016 and 2017, Business Review continues to measure the well-being of companies in Romania and their employees. The results, deeply rooted in today’s business culture and context will be unveiled at the Healthiest Companies Gala event, recognizing the companies that display “healthiest” HR practices in Romania.


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