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Beer companies keen to tap into more local resources

Retail & FMCG October 29, 2012 10:05 0 comments BR Exclusive

Beer sales amounted to EUR 1.8 billion last year in Romania and the brewing industry generates added value of just over EUR 500 million. This could grow even more in the future if local farmers…more »

Romanian dairy farms face cowing times from 2014

Retail & FMCG October 29, 2012 09:55 0 comments BR Exclusive

Danone Romania will invest EUR 1.9 million over the next four years in a support program for 800 small dairy farms in underdeveloped areas. Such farms are the least prepared for 2014 when the European…more »

Romanian energy sector hit by legal setback

Power October 22, 2012 09:07 0 comments BR Exclusive

Players in the energy business are growing concerned as the new energy law contains some controversial provisions that block power trading. The country needs fresh generation capacities and smart grids could make the sector more…more »

Seed money remains chief issue for young Romanian farmers

Agriculture October 22, 2012 08:48 0 comments BR Exclusive

Only one out of ten farmers in Romania is younger than 40, according to some estimations. This must change and young people need to enter the industry, Andrei-Peter Haschi, president of the Federation of Young…more »

Trick or treating in the land of Dracula

Cultural Calendar October 22, 2012 08:31 0 comments BR Exclusive

Halloween fever has been taking over Romania for a few years now, although it is still considered an event mostly for young people and expats. BR surveys the providers of the best costumes and throwers…more »

Film review: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Cinema October 19, 2012 08:43 0 comments BR Exclusive

It sucks, getting old. Hairs sprout out of your ears, it’s a struggle just to stand up and technology is unfathomable. But no matter your age, if you have retained an appetite for life, you…more »

Romania’s energy law hits renewable sector

Green & Renewables October 16, 2012 13:56 0 comments BR Exclusive

As the country tries to attract renewable projects through a green certificate support scheme, investors are grappling with a provision of the recently approved energy law that blocks the closing of Purchasing Power Agreements (PPAs)…more »

Horse riding is catching on among Romanians says Equestria owner

Interviews October 16, 2012 09:23 0 comments BR Exclusive

The first edition of Salon du Cheval Bucharest, an event inspired by the famous equestrian event Salon du Cheval Paris  was organized by the Equestria Riding Club at the end of September near Bucharest. Ozana…more »

Renewables to drive Romania’s energy M&A deals in next years

Green & Renewables October 15, 2012 14:21 0 comments BR Exclusive

The opening of the electricity market and the support scheme on renewable energy projects are the main elements that will lure foreign investors into sealing deals on the Romanian energy market, specialists told BR. The…more »

Local pharma industry faces tax and talent challenges

Pharma October 15, 2012 05:27 0 comments BR Exclusive

As the Romanian pharmaceuticals market grew by 12.6 percent to around EUR 1.2 billion in the first half of this year, the industry is grappling with a destabilizing claw back tax and the ongoing quest…more »