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Analysis. 20 years of marcomm brings maturity and skills on local market

Media & Marketing March 08, 2018 17:30 0 comments BR Exclusive

The Romanian advertising industry has ridden the capitalist wave and serves as a revealing guide to how the economy and culture have evolved over the years. While in 1998, the market consisted of just a…more »

BR Exclusive: Successful Romanian women send inspirational messages on March 8, International Women’s Day

News March 08, 2018 16:07 0 comments BR Exclusive

On International Women's Day, BR spoke to some of the most successful women in the business environment or administration in Romania and asked them to send an inspiring message to the other women in the…more »

Vlad Nistor (CoinFlux): We are getting ready to expand our winning formula to other EU countries

Finance March 08, 2018 15:43 0 comments BR Exclusive

Vlad Nistor, the CEO and founder of CoinFlux, the largest digital currency exchange service in Romania, tells BR that the company plans to expand in other European markets. How did you come up with the…more »

Opinion. Brent Valmar, Kurt Leitner (Porsche Romania): What’s next for automotive in Romania

Airlines March 08, 2018 14:56 0 comments BR Exclusive

Brent Valmar, General Manager Porsche Romania The automotive industry accompanied Romania’s economic growth over the past 20 years and Porsche Romania contributed to the sector’s evolution. One of the most important achievements of the industry…more »

Analysis. Romania motors into auto revolution

Auto March 08, 2018 12:24 0 comments BR Exclusive

With a post-crisis annual growth pace of 15 percent for the local automotive market, Romania is now ranked 11th in Europe by annual car production. Furthermore, the sector represents about 13 percent of GDP and…more »

The good behind the profits. Three stories on social entrepreneurship

News March 08, 2018 07:53 0 comments BR Exclusive

The meeting point between entrepreneurship, the most fundamental driver of economic value creation, and a great cause, social entrepreneurship finds solutions to some of society's most pressing challenges. From tackling environmental, to cultural and social…more »

Exclusive film review: Let the Sunshine In (Un beau soleil interieur)

Cinema March 07, 2018 20:30 0 comments BR Exclusive

Imagine the Frenchest film possible. It would open with a sex scene. It would be about artists and intellectuals, alternately making love, drinking wine and having high-brow conversations. It would star an impossibly sexy and…more »

Interview. Mihai Zant (JustNow): How to help retailers cut food waste

Interviews March 07, 2018 18:00 0 comments BR Exclusive

Developed by Mihai Zant, the JustNow app promotes the sale of food in an accelerated sales process by mapping the available products.   What need does your startup meet? JustNow meets retailers’ need for food…more »

Interview. Antonio Eram: ‘Our goal is to build a new national payment scheme’

Interviews March 07, 2018 16:30 0 comments BR Exclusive

The founder and CEO of Netopia mobilPay, Antonio Eram, tells BR how he started his entrepreneurial adventure 13 years ago and how he sees the future of his business.   How did you come up…more »

Analysis. Romania’s retail market makes quantum leap

Retail & FMCG March 07, 2018 15:30 0 comments BR Exclusive

Few imagined in 1998, when they walked to the corner store, that in 20 years’ time they would be able to flit between shops in a matter of seconds, without even leaving the couch. Or…more »