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Analysis. Raiffeisen Bank kicks off massive digitalization strategy

Banking November 13, 2017 10:37 0 comments BR Exclusive

Raiffeisen Bank is accelerating its digital transformation and will launch a new version of its banking platform next year, as part of a strategy that runs through to 2020. Bringing people from all departments and…more »

Zoita Delia Calinescu: Romanian contemporary artist going international

News November 10, 2017 14:54 0 comments BR Exclusive

“I see the world in colors, silencing it through black and white and then letting it scream through sound and image.” This is the belief of the Romanian contemporary artist Zoita Delia Calinescu, who is…more »

Interview. Tomasz Dabrowski: Dentons to focus on law market innovation

Legal November 10, 2017 14:29 0 comments BR Exclusive

Tomasz Dabrowski, chief executive officer of Dentons Europe tells Business Review about the company’s worldwide strategy and the main strategic directions that will follow in the years to come. By Anda Sebesi   Dentons has…more »

Exclusive film review: The Square

Cinema November 09, 2017 17:20 0 comments BR Exclusive

Some industries – typically those that take themselves very seriously – are just too easy for satirical filmmakers to take down. High art is one such. By Debbie Stowe The Square’s protagonist is Christian (Claes…more »

Analysis. Environmental issues require quick attention

News November 09, 2017 17:07 0 comments BR Exclusive

Romania faces one of its most challenging environmental issues as it risks the infringement procedures for failing to reduce its stored waste by 50 percent by 2020. It is liable for penalties up to EUR…more »

Analysis. Early stage companies looking for financial boost

News November 08, 2017 12:25 0 comments BR Exclusive

While private equity investments have remained flat at EUR 147 million in the past two years to 2016, market players say that entrepreneurs in Romania have a wide array of financing options ranging from European…more »

April Rinne, World Economic Forum: How we adapt to the sharing economy will determine our success and well-being

Sidebar featured November 07, 2017 18:48 0 comments BR Exclusive

The way we adapt to the sharing economy will determine our success and wellbeing, April Rinne, Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum told the audience at the sold out Microsoft Summit in Bucharest.…more »

Analysis. Romania, in search of strategy model amid accelerated growth

News November 07, 2017 16:58 0 comments BR Exclusive

With GDP growth exceeding 6 percent in the second quarter of 2017, the highest figure across the European Union, Romania’s private sector says the country needs a strategy for the next decade, while policymakers expect…more »

Analysis. Romania making efforts to prove its economic stability

News November 06, 2017 12:42 0 comments BR Exclusive

With an estimated economic growth of 5.3 percent for this year, Romania needs to prove a sustainable macroeconomic stability in order to attract foreign investments. Given the growing M&A market and large companies that will…more »

Sergio Spaccavento: The selling power of humour is heavily underestimated

Sidebar featured November 03, 2017 23:26 0 comments BR Exclusive

According to Sergio Spaccavento, script writer, professor and Executive Creative Director at Italy's Conversion, a company whose clients include Coca-Cola, Mediaset, Pernot Ricard and EuroBet, sex still sells, but humour does it better. We caught…more »