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Agriculture and green energy, new fields of interest for 2011, law firm states

Agriculture January 07, 2011 11:47 0 comments

After putting accent on insolvencies and criminal business law, this year, Romanian law firm Danila, Petre & Asociatii (DPA) representatives state that they will expand towards two new areas: green energy and agriculture. Green energy…more »

Organic farmers get green light for feeble financial support

Agriculture November 22, 2010 13:38 0 comments

Romania’s intensive agriculture is still performing below capacity, but ironically enough it is exactly this weakness that makes it a good candidate for organic farming. Up until 2010 there was little financial aid from the…more »

European Commission to recover EUR 41.7 million from Romania for inadequate control procedures on agricultural expenditure

Agriculture November 05, 2010 17:10 0 comments

Following a decision adopted today by the European Commission, Romania has to return EUR 41.7 million to the EU budget for non-compliance with EU rules or inadequate control procedures on agricultural expenditure. Romania was charged…more »

Ilse Aigner, the German Federal Minister of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, visits Romania

Agriculture November 03, 2010 16:28 0 comments

Ilse Aigner, the German Federal Minister of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, visits Romania on the 4th and 5th of November for political discussions, informs the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany to Bucharest.…more »

Romania could benefit from the organic food trend and could develop a strong bio-agricultural sector, PwC study shows

Agriculture September 14, 2010 13:06 0 comments

The UN study The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) estimates the annual global economic impact of biodiversity loss at between $2-4.5 trillion, which is to be felt in product pricing, availability of products and…more »

Agricover launches Agricover Vet

Agriculture June 21, 2010 10:54 0 comments

Agricultural solutions supplier Agricover is launching a new division, Agricover Vet, dedicated to the zootechnical segment. “The decision to extend was based on some major arguments. First of all, our capability and expertise in the…more »

Dacian Ciolos gets agriculture commissioner chair

Agriculture January 18, 2010 16:23 0 comments

Former agriculture minister Dacian Ciolos is the new European Union commissioner on agriculture, after unanimously winning a vote of approval in European Parliament hearings late last week. The future of the Common Agricultural Policy after…more »

Romaniaa’s agriculture to collapse unless agriculture ministry budget gets extra money

Agriculture January 08, 2010 16:16 0 comments

About 70 percent of Romania’s agricultural exploitations will be closed and over 10,000 workers will be jobless unless the Agriculture Ministry’s budget is hiked from RON 9.87 billion to RON 36 billion, said Stefan Niculae,…more »

New company targets rural entrepreneurs

Agriculture November 14, 2009 17:49 0 comments

The new company will offer micro-loans and consultancy services to both rural entrepreneurs and customers that lack access to traditional banking services, through 10 regional offices in 21 counties. "Our objective is to offer over…more »

Eco food market still too ‘green’

Agriculture June 10, 2008 16:00 0 comments

At European Union level, the market of ecological products totalled EUR 5.2 billion last year, having surged by 15 percent compared to 2006. Romania is a far cry from consumers such as Denmark, Switzerland, Austria…more »