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Romania agriculture outlook: Slow pace in the acquisition of new technologies

Agriculture June 28, 2016 12:25 0 comments BR Exclusive

Investments in technological upgrades are badly needed to take the discussion about Romania’s agriculture from potential to actual accomplishments. This would in turn increase the sector’s profitability and attractiveness to even more investors, BR heard.…more »

Romania hit over 6 pct in the production of fruits and vegetables in the EU, says Eurostat

Agriculture June 23, 2016 13:04 0 comments

Romania harvested over 6 percent of the total amount of fruits and berries and over 7 percent of the total vegetables harvested for the EU in 2015, according to Eurostat. Published on June 22 2016,…more »

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Deputy PM Borc met with the American under-secretary of agriculture

Agriculture June 17, 2016 10:43 0 comments

The deputy-prime- minister Costin Borc discussed on June, 16 with the American under-secretary of agriculture, Michael Scuse, about the possibility of attraction of American investors in Romania, but also about ways of increasing economic and…more »

Minister Irimescu: Romania could impose new rules for acquisition of farmland

Agriculture June 14, 2016 10:56 0 comments

 The minister of agriculture, Achim Irimescu, said on Monday that Romania should pay more attention to the law regarding the farmland acquisitions and impose some requirements, but currently this project is in discussion within the…more »

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Chamber of Deputies passes simple motion against Agriculture Minister Achim Irimescu

Agriculture June 08, 2016 19:07 0 comments

  The Chamber of Deputies has adopted a simple motion against Minister of Agriculture Achim Irimescu. The simple motion was initiated by the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE).…more »

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Bill forcing retailers to source 51 pct of produce locally gets vote in Parliament

Agriculture June 08, 2016 17:12 0 comments

Romanian MPs have approved on Wednesday a bill that will force large retailers to source 51 percent of the produce from local producers on the short supply chain. The bill, which has to be signed…more »

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Marius Schiopota (Hitch&Mosher): More investors from Western Europe and US buying farmland in Romania

Agriculture May 09, 2016 14:00 0 comments BR Exclusive

After increasing on average by 10 percent in 2015, farmland prices are set to remain on an upward trend this year, Marius Schiopota, managing partner of real estate company Hitch&Mosher, told BR. However, problems such…more »

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Florin Marius Faur takes helm of APIA as general director

Agriculture May 03, 2016 13:37 0 comments

Florin Marius Faur (pictured) will take on the position of general director within the Agency for Payments and Intervention in Agriculture (APIA), according to Agerpres. Currently executive director of APIA Timis, he replaces Ioan Merca…more »

Word Bank grants EUR 48 mln loan to Romania for pollution control initiative

Agriculture April 15, 2016 09:42 0 comments

Romania has received another EUR 48 million from the World Bank to expand the Integrated Nutrient Pollution Control Project. It is estimated that around 30,000 small farmers and 100 localities will benefit from fresh investments…more »

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IHS Global Insight analyst: Romania could join the Euro zone around 2020 | Natural resources are attractive for FDI

Agriculture April 14, 2016 13:04 0 comments

Setting a clear timetable for the adoption of the euro could help Romania attract more foreign direct investments in the next years, according to Sara Johnson, senior research director for global economics at IHS Global…more »