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"bucharest protest"

VIDEO. Protests erupt in several Romanian cities over controversial pardon draft bill, amendments to Penal Code

Legal January 18, 2017 21:02 0 comments

Around 2,500 people were protesting outside the government building in Bucharest, hours after the center-left government led by PM Sorin Grindeanu put up for debate a draft bill that aims to pardon detainees that got…more »


ASF fines Asirom with RON 200,000 and its VP with RON 50,000

Legal January 18, 2017 11:06 0 comments

The Financial Supervision Authority (ASF) fined the company Asigurarea Romaneasca Asirom Vienna Insurance Group SA with RON 20,000 and the vice president of the Board, Bregovan Adamovic, with RON 50,000 as a result of an…more »

klaus iohannis sedinta guvern

Romanian president Iohannis calls for transparency on pardon draft bill, amendments to Penal Code

Legal January 18, 2017 10:58 0 comments

President Klaus Iohannis attended the government meeting on Wednesday and asked PM Sorin Grindeanu to make sure that the controversial pardon draft bill and certain proposed amendments to the Penal Code are discussed in a…more »


Leroy si Asociatii appoints two new partners

Legal January 16, 2017 15:00 0 comments

Law firm Leroy şi Asociatii has appointed Cristina Togan and Eleonora Udroiu as new partners starting this year. Togan has been working for the law firm for over 10 years and specializes in banking& finance…more »


ANAF head Dragos Doros resigns amid government evaluation

Legal January 13, 2017 09:01 0 comments

The president of the fiscal administration agency ANAF, Dragos Doros, has stepped down, according to sources quoted by media. Doros, who was named head of ANAF in March 2016, resigned shortly after the minister of…more »

Hans Klemm

US Embassy recommends continuation of anti-corruption efforts in Romania

Legal January 11, 2017 15:58 0 comments

The US Embassy congratulates the new Government and Parliament and expects the collaboration with PM Sorin Grindeanu to further develop the strategic partnership, but warns that the partnership is based on the “commitment for a…more »

catalin predoiu  pnl

Predoiu (PNL): The current government shouldn’t seek elimination of MCV for judiciary

Legal January 09, 2017 12:22 0 comments

The first vice-president of PNL, Catalin Predoiu, says the elimination of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (MCV) shouldn't be among the new Government priorities, saying that in order for the monitorization of the European Commission…more »

"daniel constantin deputy pm"

Romania’s flat tax regime could be changed, says deputy PM

Legal January 09, 2017 09:47 0 comments

Daniel Constantin, the deputy PM who is also the minister of Environment, suggested that the current left wing government could enforce a progressive taxation system, but he explained that that the flat tax of 16…more »

"florin jianu"

Romania to exempt firms doing R&D from profit tax, to redefine tax regime for microenterprises

Legal January 06, 2017 18:00 0 comments

The government approved on Friday amendments to Romania’s Fiscal Code, changing the taxation regime for microenterprises and offering certain fiscal facilities for companies that are focusing on research & development (R&D) activities. According to the…more »

Coalition for Romania's Development

Romania to scrap 102 taxes

Legal January 06, 2017 15:26 0 comments

President Klaus Iohannis signed into law the draft bill that scraps 102 taxes, including the mandatory contribution for public broadcasters. The bill, which was initiated by PSD head Liviu Dragnea, was attacked by president Klaus…more »