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Romania’s anti-fraud head fired and replaced by Daniel Mihai Tudor

Legal July 21, 2017 16:14 0 comments

The Anti-fraud Direction head within ANAF, Marin Marius Florea, was fired and replaced by Daniel Mihai Tudor, according to the decision of PM Mihai Tudose, published in the Official Gazette. Tudor was previously vice executive…more »

PM Tudose: We are not ready yet for the household tax

Legal July 19, 2017 15:20 0 comments

PM Mihai Tudose said that the government doesn’t abandon the idea of enforcing the household tax, but it will be done when the state has the necessary infrastructure and the population is ready to accept…more »

ANAF head Bogdan Stan fired, replaced by Mirela Calugareanu

Legal July 18, 2017 16:31 0 comments

The prime-minister Mihai Tudose decided to replace Bogdan Stan from his position as head of National Fiscal Administration (ANAF) with Mirela Calugareanu. Stan was appointed on January 13 when he replaced Dragos Doros. Calugareanu is…more »

Romania’s government to abandon turnover tax idea, says PM Tudose

Legal July 17, 2017 15:10 0 comments

PM Mihai Tudose said the government will drop any initiative to replace the profit tax with a new tax on the turnover of companies, which has been heavily criticized by the private sector. The decision…more »

PM Tudose: We won’t introduce the supplementary tax on turnover

Legal July 12, 2017 15:34 0 comments

"I firmly stressed in Brussels that we won’t introduce that supplementary tax on turnover and that Romania will remain predictable regarding the financial- fiscal system", said Romanian PM Mihai Tudose at the end of the…more »

Romanians smoke 10 pct of smuggled cigarettes in EU

Legal July 07, 2017 12:57 0 comments

Romanians smoke 10 percent of the 48 billion cigarettes that have been smuggled into the European Union and in 2016 they consumed 4.41 billion smuggled cigarettes, according to a study on smuggling and its effects…more »

Turnover and solidarity tax plans to be scrapped if honest firms are hit, says PSD’s Dragnea

Legal July 05, 2017 13:37 0 comments

The head of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea, said on Wednesady that the planned turnover tax - replacing the profit tax- and solidarity tax from the governing program won’t apply if "they affect…more »

tax collection

ABSL Romania: Solidarity tax and turnover tax can have a negative effect on the Romanian economy

Legal July 04, 2017 16:30 0 comments

ABSL Romania, the Association of Business Service Leaders, analyzed the governance program proposed by the new government of Romania on June 29 (with reference to turnover tax and solidarity tax) and believes that their implementation…more »

Isarescu about debt discharge law

BNR’s Isarescu, on the planned turnover tax: It might work for smaller firms, with little added value

Legal July 04, 2017 14:50 0 comments

The governor of the National Bank of Romania, Mugur Isarescu, suggested that the turnover tax might work only for smaller firms in Romania, as the government laid out plans to fully replace the 16 percent …more »

Iohannis asks the Parliament for the reexamination of ports’ draft bill

Legal June 30, 2017 16:19 0 comments

President Klauss Iohannis asks the Parliament for the reexamination of ports law that changes the provisions on ports' administration and the manner in which the concessions are closed, saying that the measures are unclear and…more »