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Hospital union threatens to go on strike after Easter; health minister says there is no reason for protest

Human Resources March 12, 2018 17:39 0 comments

SANITAS, an union representing hospital employees in Romania, is threatening to go on strike after the Easter holidays if talks with the government over pay do not make progress, union representatives announced on Monday. The…more »

Dona group’s investments to EUR 5 mln in 2017 in distribution activity and network expansion

Pharma March 06, 2018 17:19 0 comments

Dona group’s investments in distribution activity and network expansion (over 300 units, out of which 16 in franchise) reached EUR 5 million in 2017 and registered a turnover of EUR 230 million. Also it doubled…more »

secom headquarters

Secom ends 2017 with EUR 20 mln turnover, aims to open 4 new own stores in 2018

Pharma February 12, 2018 09:59 0 comments

Secom, the Romanian company specialised in importing, promoting and sale of natural products for health and beauty, finished 2017 with a turnover of around EUR 20 million, a 22 percent increase from the previous year.…more »

antibiotice iasi

Antibiotice Iasi aims to open branches in Ukraine and Moldova

Pharma February 02, 2018 14:46 0 comments

Antibiotice Iasi, one of the most important Romanian producers of generic medical drugs, wants to open branches in the Ukraine and Moldova, and shareholders will take a vote on the matter at their March 5…more »

pharma clawback tax

M&A alert. Penta-backed Dr. Max buys A&D Pharma, owner of Sensiblu

Pharma December 21, 2017 14:32 0 comments

International pharmacy chain Dr. Max, backed by investment group Penta Investments, has taken over A&D Pharma, the owner of Sensiblu and Punkt pharmacy networks, Mediplus wholesale company in Romania and A&D Pharma Marketing and Sales.…more »

tudose government

Tudose government removes clawback tax for immunoglobulin drugs

Pharma December 15, 2017 11:22 0 comments

The Tudose government has decided to suspend the clawback tax for immunoglobulin-based drugs through an emergency order on Thursday. The suspension for this category of drugs will last up to two years, starting January 1.…more »

ministerul sanatatii clawback

Health Ministry sets up working group to “rethink” clawback tax for all medical drugs

Pharma December 08, 2017 17:06 0 comments

The Romanian Health Ministry announced this week that a working group will be established in order to “rethink” the controversial clawback tax for all medical drugs. The decision was made a day after PM Tudose…more »

roche romania investigation

Competition Council investigating possible abuse in pharma giant Roche’s practices on cancer drug market

Pharma December 08, 2017 09:58 0 comments

Two investigations have been opened by the Competition Council in Romania regarding a possible abuse of dominant market position by Roche Romania in the oncology products sector. The first investigation targets a possible anti-competitive behaviour…more »

Janssen Romania invested EUR 154,000 in first cancer palliative care program

Pharma December 07, 2017 13:57 0 comments

Janssen Romania, the pharmaceuticals arm of multinational group Johnson & Johnson, has invested EUR 154,000 in the development of the first curriculum for the palliative care of cancer patients, said Christian Rodseth, managing director of…more »

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Medical Drugs Producers warn that applying clawback tax to cheap drugs is endangering healthcare system

Healthcare December 06, 2017 17:40 0 comments

The Industrial Medical Drugs Producers’ Union of Romania (PRIMER) is signalling the deepening of the crisis of cheap medical drugs because of the clawback tax, an income tax applied exclusively for medical drug producers. UPDATE: …more »