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Profi retailer expands network, reaches 531 stores across Romania

Retail & FMCG March 23, 2017 16:25 0 comments

Retailer Profi has opened new stores in Predeal, Bacau, Stulpicani, Iancu Jianu and Vadastrita, reaching 531 units across Romania.   The store from Predeal is opened in City format and is the 19th one opened in…more » to open 12 new pick-up points this year following EUR 2 mln investment

Online March 22, 2017 16:00 0 comments

The online retailer announces the opening of 12 pick-up points in 2017, out of which six in Bucharest and six in other cities from Romania, in a bid to accomodate growing demand. The network…more »

Samsonite Romania aims to reach 100 stores in five years

Retail & FMCG March 20, 2017 16:52 0 comments

Samsonite Romania’s turnover went up by 7 percent in 2016 compared with 2015, reaching EUR 6.88 million and aims to reach 100 stores in five years, as well as a turnover of over EUR 18…more »

evoMAG aims to reach a turnover of EUR 25 mln in 2017 on higher growth for business segment

Online March 20, 2017 15:50 0 comments

The online retailer evoMAG aims to double its sales on business segment in 2017, having an average value of the shopping basket by 50 percent higher than the individuals segment, said on Monday the company…more »

Praktiker aims to reach 20 redesigned stores this year

Retail & FMCG March 17, 2017 16:18 0 comments

DIY retailer Praktiker has invested EUR 1.2 million in the revamp of two of its stores in Ploiesti and Oradea stores and the company aims to reach 20 redesigned units by the end of this…more »

BR’s 17 leaders to watch: David Hay – AFI Europe Romania

Commercial March 15, 2017 10:22 0 comments BR Exclusive

With David Hay at its helm, AFI Europe Romania has grown to the point where it could this year sell its office project in Cotroceni, in what has the potential to become the largest office…more »

Veranda Mall secures three new tenants: Nedelya, Sevda and VEER

Retail & FMCG March 14, 2017 15:06 0 comments

Veranda Mall has signed three new tenants: the sweets chain Nedelya and starting from the end of March, the jewelry shop Sevda and footwear shop VEER. “We want to bring the inhabitants from Obor diversity…more »

When contemporary art meets IT retailer

Interviews March 13, 2017 14:30 0 comments BR Exclusive

In September 2015, Financial Times raised a question that still stands in my mind: a museum in every mall? The article referred to Shanghai, where thousands and thousands of tourists go and visit the shopping…more »

Diverta opens new store in Constanta, reaching network of 27 stores

Retail & FMCG March 13, 2017 13:18 0 comments

The retail network Diverta will open the first store from this year, within City Park from Constanta, reaching 27 stores at national level. The launch will take place on March 15. The store has a…more »

Carrefour network reaches 298 units in Romania at end-2016

Retail & FMCG March 10, 2017 15:24 0 comments

The French retailer Carrefour reached a network of 298 stores in Romania at the end of 2016, according to a company report. At the end of 2015 the group recorded 192 stores in Romania, out…more »