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Minister Petcu: Negotiations with Chinese for new nuclear reactors to be finished this year

Green & Renewables May 03, 2017 12:47 0 comments

The negotiations with the Chinese for the construction of nuclear reactors 3 and 4 from Cernavoda, which require an investment of over EUR 6.5 billion, will be finished this year, says the minister of energy,…more »

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Major change on Romania’s renewable market: Green certificates to be valid until 2032

Green & Renewables March 31, 2017 10:30 0 comments

The government approved the emergency ordinance to change and complete the renewable law 220/2008 to improve the framework in the energy production field from green sources and to support the development of this sector, at…more »


Environ Association and AHK Romania launch “Challenge to Recycling” project

Green & Renewables February 24, 2017 16:18 0 comments

Environ Association and the Romanian-German Trade Chamber (AHK Romania) together with the National System of Batteries Recycling Association (SNRB) and Rematholding company have launched the "Challenge to Recycling" project, in a bid to improve the…more »

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Energy bill of Romanian households to post slight growth over renewable reform

Green & Renewables February 12, 2017 09:00 0 comments

The energy bill of households will go up by RON 0.30/ month in 2017 due to the renewable energy reform, according to the data from the Energy Ministry regarding the outlook for 2017 of green…more »

green energy , long term energy aims

Romania’s renewable energy quota slashed to 8.3 pct in 2017, according to government decision

Green & Renewables December 30, 2016 12:15 0 comments

In 2017, the mandatory renewable energy quota promoted through green certificates is of 8.3 percent of Romania's gross final consumption, according to a Government decision adopted on Thursday. The share for the next year was…more »

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Analysis. How is the government trying to calm down renewable investors in Romania through legal changes

Green & Renewables December 09, 2016 13:32 0 comments BR Exclusive

After more than three years in which renewable investors have claimed that the Romanian government was ignoring their requests, despite combined investments of EUR 7 billion, the authorities have taken the first steps and announced…more »


Renewable energy production capacity reached 4,701 MW at end September

Green & Renewables November 28, 2016 17:07 0 comments

The renewable energy production capacity reached 4,701 MW at the end of September, according to Transelectrica data. At the time of the survey there were in the system wind parks of 2,961 MW power, photovoltaic…more »

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EY: Romania exits Top 40 on most attractive renewable investment destinations

Green & Renewables November 07, 2016 14:10 0 comments

Romania is not among the 40 most attractive destinations for renewable investments, according to a report by professional services firm EY. The country has lost its 34 place that it had last year and is…more »

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Major change in Romania’s renewable market: Government proposes 15-year mandatory acquisition for number of green certificates

Green & Renewables October 27, 2016 13:07 0 comments

The Ministry of Energy has published a draft bill that brings major amendments to the renewable law no 220/2008, including new price limits and transaction changes for green certificates, which represent one of the main…more »


#GetReadyforFIS2016 | Analysis. How are retailer giants in Romania supporting the organic agriculture sector

Agriculture October 26, 2016 15:21 0 comments BR Exclusive

Despite accelerating growth in recent years, the Romanian market of certified organic fruit and vegetables is still emerging, shaped by a range of factors. Georgeta Gheorghe Romania exports most products grown by its organic agriculture…more »