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Romania expands income taxation base for non-residents

Finance March 27, 2013 13:40 0 comments BR Exclusive

The taxable income obtained by non-residents in Romania now also include services that are provided abroad, after the government has changed the Fiscal Code in February to accommodate an expansion of the taxation base. The…more »

Keeping the bearings rolling

Interviews March 18, 2013 13:24 0 comments BR Exclusive

With the largest share of Romanian bearings exported worldwide, Turkish URB Group has turned the Barlad plant into one of the main domestic industrial powerhouses. Esin Ugurtay, business development director of URB Group, tells BR…more »

URB Group seeks government protection in Romania

News March 12, 2013 14:36 0 comments

Turkish URB Group, owner of the Barlad bearings plant, has called for the government’s support in the face of growing imports of counterfeit products and falling demand in the local market. The Barlad plant is…more »

EIB loans should sustain Romania’s large investments projects, says president

Banking March 12, 2013 13:27 0 comments

Romanian President Traian Basescu suggested on Monday the loans granted by the European Investment Bank (EIB) could be used to develop three large investment projects, given the limited resources in the national budget. President Basescu…more »

BR awards business champions of 2012

News March 05, 2013 15:26 0 comments BR Exclusive

Over 200 representatives on the business community attended, last night, the eight annual Awards Gala organized by the weekly magazine Business Review, which recognized the outstanding achievements of companies and entrepreneurs that stood out from…more »

Who’s who Remco Romania Team

News February 25, 2013 09:39 0 comments BR Exclusive

SPECIAL PROJECT/ EXCELLENCE IN BUSINESS – Remco 20 years in Romania Laura Mititelu Financial manager A member of the Remco team since 2006, she supervises the financial and administrative department, prepares and interprets management reports…more »

Professionalism at the highest level

News February 25, 2013 09:08 0 comments BR Exclusive

SPECIAL PROJECT/ EXCELLENCE IN BUSINESS: Remco 20 years in Romania A wide range of products and services, a high quality of customer service activity and a highly skilled team of professionals are the keys to…more »

The secret recipe for two decades of success in Romania

Interviews February 25, 2013 09:02 0 comments BR Exclusive

SPECIAL PROJECT/ EXCELLENCE IN BUSINESS - Remco 20 years in Romania Jan van Vulpen, general manager at Remco Romania, told Business Review of the success story behind Remco Romania, the company’s main achievements and the…more »

Transatlantic trade between US and EU would spur growth, says UPS

News February 20, 2013 15:32 0 comments

UPS, the world’s largest package delivery company, commented that a transatlantic partnership between the US and EU 27 would open new export opportunities for both sides of the Atlantic and boost the US exports and…more »

Three quarters of Romanian localities are in technical bankruptcy, says EFOR

News February 19, 2013 14:37 0 comments

Under a quarter of Romanian localities (650) are able to cover their wage expenses from revenues and the regulated share of income tax, keeping most of the Romanian public administration hooked on discretionary allocations, according…more »