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dorin pirciog

Dorin Pirciog (MyBodyGuide): People will further choose to scientifically invest in their body

Healthcare April 14, 2017 13:57 0 comments

BR met with Dorin Pirciog, director MyBodyGuide Romania, to discuss about the revolutionary new program on the local market, its advantages and its business objectives. He is also the president of The Romanian Association of…more »


When contemporary art meets IT retailer

Interviews March 13, 2017 14:30 0 comments BR Exclusive

In September 2015, Financial Times raised a question that still stands in my mind: a museum in every mall? The article referred to Shanghai, where thousands and thousands of tourists go and visit the shopping…more »

2016_Anca Rancea

Anca Rancea (Talent Garden Bucharest & The Freelancers’ Association): I wanted to create a different ecosystem starting from my own values and principles

Interviews March 08, 2017 15:33 0 comments BR Exclusive

TALENT GARDEN Bucharest (TAG Bucharest), a project initiated by the Freelancers’ Association, created in partnership with the international network of hubs Talent Garden and with the support of Telekom Romania and Banca Transilvania, represents the…more »

Bogdan Dinca_Documentaria

Photojournalism: snaps that crackle and pop

Interviews March 06, 2017 11:00 0 comments BR Exclusive

For a while now, photojournalism has been big news. Various worldwide photo competitions and the famous World Press Photo exhibition generate important conversations, for the public as well as for photographers. This curation of images…more »


Interview. Silviu Stoica (Popovici Nitu Stoica & Asociatii): The majority of deals in Romania can be attributed to strategic investors

Interviews February 14, 2017 12:43 0 comments BR Exclusive

Silviu Stoica, partner at Popovici Nitu Stoica & Asociatii, outlines the current state of the local M&A market to Business Review, describes its main trends and features and shares his projections for 2017.  Anda Sebesi…more »

Diana Cavaliotti

On Berlinale competition: BR talks with the Romanian actress Diana Cavaliotti

Cinema February 08, 2017 15:18 0 comments BR Exclusive

With the 67th edition of Berlinale just around the corner and the presence of a Romanian film in the main competition, our country goes once again on the spotlights of the international film critics around…more »


Romanian creatives in the UK | Teodor Cucu (BAT & TheCell): “Moving to London was a life changing experience”

Interviews February 02, 2017 11:12 0 comments BR Exclusive

Award winning senior strategist and creative director with a visual twist. Experienced developing integrated creative solutions for various blue chip clients including SAB Miller, Unilever and, Teodor Cucu has 15 years in the advertising…more »


Romanian creatives in the UK | Mihai Coliban: “The UK advertising is a vibrant, cluttered, dog-eat-dog industry”

Interviews January 26, 2017 16:25 0 comments BR Exclusive

Nine years of advertising on the complex and adventurous Russian market, preceded by ten other in the self-ironic, creatively brave Romania and the ever emerging Eastern Europe, building world class and local brands for major…more »

Diana Vasilescu

Romanian creatives in the UK | Vasilescu (tothepoint): “Nationality doesn’t really play a role, especially in London, where you come from has no leverage”

Interviews November 17, 2016 10:06 0 comments BR Exclusive

With a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies, Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication at the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies, the University of Bucharest, Diana Vasilescu entered the Romanian advertising and communication scene in…more »


Interview. Irina Rosu (World Class): We plan to continue the expansion of the network in Romania next year

Interviews November 16, 2016 10:37 0 comments BR Exclusive

Irina Rosu, partner, executive director & CFO World Class Romania, told BR exclusively that the fitness network plans to expand in 2017 because of the increasing purchasing power of the clients. Georgiana  Bendre What are…more »