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Enterprise Investors tips IT, retail, manufacturing, finance

Profiles June 20, 2011 12:25 0 comments

Cristian Nacu, president of South Eastern Europe’s Private Equity Association (SEEPEA) and partner in Polish investment fund Enterprise Investors provides some insight into the activity of both organizations, their plans for the future and the…more »

BRD keeps its balance on testing market

Profiles June 13, 2011 10:58 0 comments

Guy Poupet, president and general manager of BRD-Groupe Societe Generale, shares with Business Review his take on the current state of the Romanian banking market and outlines the lender’s strategy for the near future. Anda…more »

BCR open for business

Profiles May 30, 2011 11:36 0 comments

Dominic Bruynseels, CEO of BCR, tells Business Review about the perspectives of the local banking system and emphasizes the main elements of BCR’s strategy, one of which is increasing lending to companies in 2011 by…more »

Hoping for a Cert-ain future on the local insurance market

Profiles May 23, 2011 10:52 0 comments

James Grindley, GM of insurer CertAsig, says the company managed to weather the recent difficult economic times by focusing on niche segments such as event insurance, including concerts, and insurance of commercial vessels. Staff  …more »

RBS puts money on corporate and retail customers

Profiles May 16, 2011 13:12 0 comments

Johan Gabriels, CEO of RBS Romania, tells Business Review about the current state of the banking scene and the lender’s local strategy. Anda Sebesi What is the outlook for the Romanian banking market in 2011?…more »

British show bulldog spirit despite short termism

Profiles May 09, 2011 15:43 0 comments

Lack of medium- to long-term planning by local authorities remains a major setback for British investors in Romania. But there is no evidence, yet, that Romania has become less attractive to UK investors than it…more »

Healthcare system ‘needs integration’

Profiles April 18, 2011 11:08 0 comments

Properly managed, integration can reduce the need for costly re-hospitalization and prevent service duplication, says Mark Britnell, global head of the healthcare practice at KPMG. He talks to Business Review about the steps Romania has…more »

Regina Maria hopes to checkmate competition after rebranding

Profiles April 04, 2011 14:47 1 comment

Last month, Centrul Medical Unirea (CMU) and Euroclinic were rebranded as Regina Maria (Queen Mary), The Private Healthcare Network. The change was a natural step and has a strong strategic component, the company says. In…more »

Legal uncertainty is last straw for biomass projects

Profiles March 28, 2011 13:53 0 comments

Hundreds of millions of euros worth of investments in biomass are expected to be completed in Romania by 2014. Roger Preston, Eco2 representative in Romania, told Business Review that the main difficulty in giving a…more »

Six years on: Holcim CEO cements hopes for Romania

Profiles February 28, 2011 14:27 0 comments

At the end of March, Markus Wirth will bring his six-year mandate as CEO of the local branch of Holcim to an end, leaving new CEO Daniel Bach in the role. He will however continue…more »