The National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) will reimburse RON 1.55 billion (EUR 350 million) of value-added tax in August, according to Agerpres.


The reimbursement concerns the settlements approved until July 27 for imports and until July 10 for other operations.

Approved settlements with compensation and refund amount toRON 1.34 billion, including RON 1.29 billion refunds and RON 47.01 million compensations.

Full compensation settlements total RON 123.06 million, and partial compensations RON 85.48 million; all the approved compensations will be carried out.

The refunds are scheduled on August 12 for RON 323.08 million (already paid on Wednesday) and on August 31 for RON 967.94 million.

Goods and services which can benefit from VAT reimbursement are: fuel; renting means of transportation; expenditure relating to transportation; road tolls and road user charge; travel expenses (by taxi or public transport); accommodation; restaurant and catering services; access to fairs and exhibitions; expenditure on luxuries, amusements and entertainment; other goods and services supplied.

Taxable persons established in Romania who import and purchase goods / services in another EU member state may request a VAT refund.

Natalia Martian