Romanian Police to introduce facial recognition system by Christmas

Business September 29, 2016 17:58 0 comments

The Romanian Police has announced plans to introduce an IT facial recognition system by Christmas. The system will be used for crime-related investigation activities. The information on the purchase of the National Biometric Identification System was published Tuesday in the Electronic Public Acquisitions System (SEAP). The National Biometric Identification System will be used for comparing and checking digital images of…more »

viktor boczan provident financial

Romanians satisfied with standard of living, says GfK survey

Finance September 29, 2016 17:19 0 comments

A total of 52 percent of Romanian respondents to a survey conducted by British research company GfK UK said they…more »

money laundering

Energy Holding accused of embezzlement, money laundering

Featured September 29, 2016 16:50 0 comments

Electricity provider Energy Holding was accused of embezzlement and money laundering, legal sources told Agerpres on Thursday. Accordingly, the company…more »

things to do in Bucharest

What to do this weekend in Bucharest?

Cultural Calendar September 29, 2016 16:50 0 comments

The last day of September and the first weekend of October bring new events in Bucharest. Here is what we…more »

BVB Fru Fru

International Bank for Investments launches corporate bonds of RON 300 mln on BVB

Stock Exchange September 29, 2016 16:13 0 comments

The International Bank for Investments (IIB) is listing today corporate bonds of RON 300 million on the Bucharest Stock Exchange…more »

electricity bills

Over 42 pct of Romanians have trouble paying monthly utility bill

Business September 29, 2016 15:58 0 comments

Over 42 percent of Romanians have trouble paying their monthly utility bill, data released by the Regulatory Authority for Energy…more »


Effects of Romania’s economic growth in H1 reflected in car market, says BADSI

Auto September 29, 2016 14:20 0 comments

Romania's economic growth in the first half of the year had a positive impact on the country's car market, which…more »


Iohannis: In the mutual interest of EU, UK to maintain close relationship post-Brexit

Business September 29, 2016 13:36 0 comments

It is in the common interest of both the EU and the UK to maintain a relationship that is as…more »

florin danescu

ARB’s Danescu: Romania needs programs for SMEs more than ever

Finance September 29, 2016 12:48 0 comments

Banks see SMEs as an important client, but Romania needs programs on this financing segment more than ever, said today…more »

Carmen Adamescu _EY Romania

Carmen Adamescu, EY Romania: The key to transport planning in Bucharest might be a smartphone

News September 29, 2016 12:21 0 comments

The understanding of the way in which people use the transport networks is an important part of the development of…more »

dragos pislaru_minister of labor

The unemployed to receive bonuses, mobility and relocation packages starting December 1

News September 29, 2016 11:58 0 comments

On Wednesday the Romanian government passed an emergency ordinance introducing a RON 500 bonus for unemployed who sign a work…more »