Romanian online retailer eMag, which is controlled by media giant Naspers, said that it saw more traffic coming in from mobile devices last year compared to shoppers that used their desktop computers.

In 2016, the e-commerce player recorded a traffic increase of 63 percent to 270 million visits and an average of 55 percent of the total traffic came from smartphones and tablets. Mobile generated 60 percent of the traffic in September and December.

Meanwhile, the visits from desktops reached 120 million, an increase of 23 percent year-on-year.

Bogdan Axinia, VP Platforms & Technology director for eMag said that the growth of mobile usage for shopping made the retailer focus on further improving its own app. According to data by eMag, the mobile app recorded 41 million visits. Close to 80 percent of the traffic came from Google’s Android devices, while 20.5 percent was generated by Apple’s iOS.

One third of the total orders recorded by eMAg came from mobile, which is an increase of 148 percent year-on-year. More than 60 percent of those that made purchases using their mobile devices are under 35.

The biggest share of purchases made from mobile are in the following categories: baby products, home&deco and beauty products. Large and small household appliances and smartphones are also popular among mobile buyers.

The retailer managed by Iulian Stanciu (in photo) has expanded regionally, controlling online stores in Hungary, Bulgaria and Poland.

Ovidiu Posirca