AcademIAA is a new IAA initiative that has the mission of growing the rate of hiring graduates with superior education in the fields of marketing and communication.

The initiative has at its basis the creating of a close partnership between the business environment (represented by the companies IAA members) and the academic environment (ASE – The Faculty of Marketing, SNSPA – The Communication and Public Relations Faculty and the University of Bucharest – The Journalism and Mass Communications Faculty, for the beginning) and proposes itself 4 concrete directions of actions:

Mentorship Program for students – in which the students of the profile faculties have access at mentorship from the professionals in the industry.

Studies – the updating of the professional competencies and a study of students’ motivations, in order to raise the relevance of the university training content and shape.

Access at business study cases, as curricular material for classes and seminars.

The program “Open doors AcademIAA” – a program of „train the trainer” type, through which the professors from the partner universities have access to training session on marketing and HR themes, hosted by companies IAA members. The first host was Procter & Gamble Marketing Romania.

The event took place on the 1st of February, with the participation of 28 university professors and had the theme „Consumer @ center: What really matters in building timeless leading brands”.

The content included a mix of theory and action about „brand building”, „consumer insights” and „leadership in a changing world”.

„I am delighted we’ve started the program AcademIAA, through the partnership between IAA and the academic environment. Preparing the future talents is a declared IAA priority. We had the chance to tell our colleagues from the academic environment about the principals and practices that are guiding us in P&G, both for building brands and building the leaders of the future,” said Maria Predoiu, President of the IAA Romania Director Council and Marketing Director P&G South East Europe.

„The first meeting that took place under the project AcademIAA created the premises of a long-term partnership, with benefits for the training of the future marketing professionals. The message of support that we’ve received from the behalf of the P&G top management was very clear. I am glad that there is an opening and a desire of involvement in the educational process,” said Prof. Univ. Dr. Ioana Cecilia Popescu.

The next session will take place in March and it will be hosted by the agency McCann.

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