The number of construction authorizations for residential buildings went up by 6.1 percent after 10 months to 25,496, according to the data of the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

The increase was reflected, according to INS, in the development regions North-East (+ 817 authorizations), Center (+376), Bucharest-Ilfov (+356), West Vest (+244), South-Est (+202), South-West Oltenia (+199) and South-Muntenia (+74). The decreases were registered in the developing region North-West (-234 authorizations).

There was an increase year-on-year in buildings constructions authorizations in October issued by residential buildings in the development region West (+ 209 authorizations), Center (+94), South-Muntenia (+75), North-Est (+63), South-West  Oltenia (+47), North-West (+36) and South-Est (+6). The decreases were registered in the developing area Bucharest-Ilfov. The decreases were registered in the developing region Bucharest- Ilfov (-84 authorizations).

In October were issued 3,861 authorizations for residential buildings constructions, out of which 61.4 percent for rural area.

The distribution at regional level shows a decrease in the number of construction authorizations issued for residential buildings compared with September, in the developing regions North-Est (-164 authorization), North-west (-116), South-Muntenia (-59), South-West Oltenia (-57) and South-East (-32).