The Romanian minister of health, Vlad Voiculescu, warned that social democrat MPs are trying to revert the provisions of the law that bans smoking in enclosed public places.

Voiculescu wrote on his Facebook page that the lawmakers will try today to get an approval in the Committee for Human Rights for the “amputation” of the law that prohibits smoking in enclosed public spaces, adding that the Health Committee in Parliament, which is led by social democrats, has proposed amendments to the bill which was signed into law this spring.

“The Senate has tacitly approved the law so that smoking would be possible, practically, in a any enclosed space,” wrote the minister of health. The Chamber of Deputies will have the final say on the proposed changes to the law.

“The current form of the anti-smoking law is just one of the points that deserves to be defended by the whole society, against the interests of the tobacco industry and of the interests of some members of the Parliament,” said Voiculescu.

Ovidiu Posirca