The measures taken on Thursday by the Financial Supervision Authority (ASF) don’t affect the situation of the pensions fund administered by NN and the savings for pensions of the approximately 1.9 million participants, says NN Pensii in a release.

According to the source, the Administration Council of NN Pensii had a meeting with the ASF representatives, where it found out from the media about the measures taken by the authority regarding the informing message transmitted by the company on April 11 2017 to the clients that posted their e-mail addresses.

„We are waiting for the official decision of ASF and we show our openness and collaboration in the following undertakings, and we’ll establish and communicate the direction actions of NN Pensii in the shortest time,” says the company.

The company said that their intentions were exclusively to inform on the pensions system privately administered and the interest of participants to inform themselves constantly about the situation of savings funds for pension.

„We appreciate that the Government and the Finance Ministry were very firm recently regarding the support and establishment of Pillar II. The announced measures from today don’t affect in any way the situation of the pensions fund administered by NN and the savings for pension of the approximately 1.9 million participants this year,” says NN Pensii.

ASF fined NN Pensii with 1 percent of the social capital, respectively RON 750,000, after the company transmitted the clients a letter in which it informed them that in the last weeks there were some discussions in the public space regarding a nationalization decision of the private pensions funds, said on Thursday Ion Giurescu, the vice-president of ASF.

At the same time, was decided the sanction with the authorization withdrawal of the general director, Raluca Tintoiu, as well as fine of RON 100,000.