One month after the debt discharge law has been enforced, the market has seen a decreasing trend on residential segment, even if the index came back on an increasing trend at national level, reaching an average value of EUR 1,020/ available sqm, respectively by 1.8 percent more compared with the end of May.

However, the sellers’ claims from the big cities of the country, where the most transactions take place, both on the old segment, as well as on the new one, exceptions being only Constanta and Timisoara, says

In Bucharest, the requested average price for the available apartments for sale dropped by 2.8 percent in the first summer month, from EUR 1,126/ available sqm to EUR 1,094/ available sqm. The old buildings sellers reduced the expected prices with 0.7 percent (from EUR 1,075 to 1,068/sqm), while the new buildings units decreased its prices with 4.2 percent from EUR 1,159 to EUR 1,110/sqm.

In Brasov, registered a decline of 1.6 percent from EUR 915/sqm in May, to EUR 900/sqm and the buildings depreciated with 1 percent. Also, In Cluj-Napoca, a decreasing tendency was registered last month, the average price asked by sellers reaching EUR 1,200/ sqm, while the old buildings became cheaper with 0.4 percent.

Constanta is the only city in which a growth was registered in the last month, from EUR 956/sqm to EUR 967/sqm. The prices of apartments went down by  0.1 percent, but the new ones increased their prices considerably, with 6.2 percent, reaching EUR 990/sqm.  Also in Timisoara, the new buildings appreciated with 0.7 percent during 30 days, reaching EUR 1,013/sqm.

Georgiana Bendre