The total Romanian households’ incomes went up in the third quarter of 2016 by 2.9 percent compared, with the previous quarter up to RON 2,972 (around EUR 665) monthly, while the expenses went up by 4 percent to RON 2,543 (EUR 569), shows the data from the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

In the second quarter of 2016, the average incomes of a household were RON 2,889 (around EUR 642) and the expenses were RON 2,446 monthly.

Compared with the third quarter of 2015, the total average incomes of a household from Romania were RON 2,713, with the average households’ income going up by 9.5 percent during July-September 2016.

Compared with the annual growth rate from the second quarter, by 8.8 percent, the households’ incomes growth was accelerated in the third quarter of 2015.

A Romanian household has on average around 2.6 persons, so that the monthly incomes of each family’ member was RON 1,125 (EUR 252) in the third quarter of 2016, RON 36 more compared with the previous quarter.

More than a half (60.4 percent) of the total households’ incomes came from salaries during July-September 2016, an increasing level compared with the one registered in the same period of 2015, when the salaries represented 57.6 percent of the incomes.

„At the total incomes of the households contributed also the incomes from social contributions (21.8 percent), agricultural incomes (3.8 percent), non-agricultural independent activities incomes (2.8 percent) and those from property and assets sales from the household patrimony (0.9 percent), ” says the INS release.

Georgiana Bendre