Sibiu mayor Klaus Iohannis won 54.81 percent of the votes in the second round of the presidential elections, while current prime minister Vicotr Ponta gathered 45.18 percent of the cast ballots, results from the Central Electoral Bureau BEC showedafter the counting of the votes in 76.53 percent of the voting sections.

Last night prime-minister Ponta conceded his defeat in the second round of the presidential elections.

The second round of the elections saw higher turnout rates and a strong presence of the Romanian diaspora at voting sections abroad. Romanians living abroad, who are estimated to number around 4 million, are believed to have played a key role in influencing the results of the elections, which came after a very tight race, which saw prime-minister Ponta running ahead of Iohannis.

It is estimated that around 62 percent of recorded voters showed up to cast their option in the second round. Almost 11 million voters turned out to cast their ballot nationally by 7 pm on Sunday, during the second round of Romania’s presidential elections, according to preliminary data released by the Central Electoral Bureau BEC and quoted by Mediafax. This stands for 58.65 percent of the total of those listed on the electoral record.

During the first round of the presidential elections, by the same hour, 48.89 percent of recorded voters had cast their ballot.