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Elena Petrascu resigns from interim CEO position at Posta Romana

News February 15, 2018 15:26 0 comments

Elena Petrascu has resigned this Thursday from CEO position at Posta Romana, in front of the board’s members. Elena Petrascu said: "Starting October 2017 I’ve taken over the attributions of CEO position at Posta Romana.…more »

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Government approves capitalisation of Posta Romana

News February 09, 2018 12:55 0 comments

The capitalisation procedure of the Romanian Postal Service has been launched on February 8 following a Decision by the government regarding the Romanian state’s participation in increasing the company’s social capital. This is a unique…more »

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Posta Romana’s revenues up by RON 17 mln in December 2017

News February 09, 2018 10:59 0 comments

Posta Romana registered revenues increase by RON 17 million in December 2017 and in the last quarter of 2017 there was an year-on-year increase by almost 20 percent in revenues, said the general director of…more »

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Telekom Romania to end collaboration with Posta Romana for invoice payment service

Telecom January 23, 2018 12:35 0 comments

Telekom Romania announces termination of the contracts with the Romanian Post (Posta Romana), starting February 1, for the payment invoices related to mobile and fixed services contracts, as a result of Romanian’s Post non-observance of…more »

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EximBank finances Posta Romana with RON 30 mln

Finance January 15, 2018 15:10 0 comments

EximBank finances the national post services operator Posta Romana with RON 30 million for the current activity of the company, as a result of winning the tender organized by the company at the end of…more »


Fondul Proprietatea drops lawsuit against Posta Romana

Legal January 09, 2018 10:45 0 comments

Posta Romana has announced Fondul Proprietatea has dropped the lawsuit against it which challenged the change of the last three members of the company’s administrative board, named according to the corporate governance legislation. Posta Romana…more »

Petrascu (Posta Romana): Company’s capitalization is not a whim, it’s necessary to reach Posta Romana’s objectives

News December 15, 2017 16:25 0 comments

The company’s capitalization is not a whim, it’s necessary to reach Posta Romana’s objectives for the next years, according to the general director of Posta Romana, Elena Petrascu. „I thank all the MPs who voted…more »

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Posta Romana auto park increases by 180 units, following investment of RON 12.5 mln

Auto December 06, 2017 09:45 0 comments

Posta Romana auto park increases by 180 units, out of which 80 cars of 3.5 tones will be functional this week, following that until the end of the month to be distributed the rest of…more »

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Romanian authorities discuss with EIB officials about Posta Romana

News October 18, 2017 11:05 0 comments

Officials of European Investment Bank (EIB) in Romania met on Tuesday with the minister of communications and information society, Lucian Sova and the interim director of Posta Romana (CNPR) Elena Petrascu, to discuss the establishment  …more »

Posta Romana appoints Elena Petrascu as interim general director

Who’s News October 04, 2017 13:49 0 comments

The Administration Council of Posta Romana approved this Wednesday the appointment of Elena Petrascu as interim general director for four months. She was previously director of the Juridical Direction and Regulations from Posta Romana and…more »