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Romania among least prepared countries to develop, retain and attract talent

News November 21, 2017 13:45 0 comments

Romania occupies the 61st position in a list ranking countries across the world according to their ability to develop, retain and attract talent. The ranking, made by IMD World Competitiveness Center in 2017, is topped…more »

A record 2.6 million foreign tourists traveled to Romania in 2017

News November 21, 2017 12:10 0 comments

Romania received in 2017 a record 2.6 million foreign tourists. Overall, 12 million foreign and Romanian tourists chose domestic destinations.  The Romanian tourist market increased by approximately 10 percent in 2017, according to data released…more »

EC’s Timmermans on Romania’s CVM progress: I count on the Gov’t to avoid backtracking

News November 15, 2017 15:03 0 comments

The European Commission reported today on the progress made by Romania under the Co-operation and Verification Mechanism (CVM). While the EC acknowledges the steps taken by Romania towards meeting its commitments on judicial reform and…more »

Competition Council

Romania’s Competition Council issues EUR 120,000 fine in the car batteries market

Legal November 07, 2017 14:55 0 comments

The Competition Council has issued a fine of around EUR 120,000 for eight companies in the car batteries market (one producer and seven distributors), citing price fixing practices on the reseller segment. The anti-trust watchdog…more »

Telekom Romania partners with Poland’s Alior Bank to launch Telekom Banking

News October 18, 2017 13:51 0 comments

Telekom Romania has partnered with Polish bank Alior Bank in order to launch Telekom Banking, a new digital financial service. The service offers for a guaranteed period of three years free intra and inter-banking transfers…more »

Romanian PM Tudose: Romania, Bulgaria could join Schengen within one year

News October 03, 2017 15:43 0 comments

Romanian PM Mihai Tudose said today that Romania and Bulgaria could enter Schengen in one year's time. The PM is attending the reunion between Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Greece. “I am convinced that in maximum…more »

Paravion closes Turkey portal, files for insolvency

News August 07, 2017 16:31 0 comments

Paravion, Romania’s biggest online tourism portal, has filed for insolvency and will close, the Turkish-based portal it purchased in 2014. The company will implement a restructuring plan starting August 8. In the past year,…more »

"timisoara capital of culture 2021"

Romania’s culture expenditure smallest in the EU in 2015

News August 07, 2017 14:27 0 comments

In 2015 Romania had the smallest culture expenditure among European Union member states, compared to the size of its population, data released by the Eurostat shows.  Compared to the size of its population, Romania spent…more »

cigarette black market

Romanian authorities seize nearly 75 mln smuggled cigarettes in H1

News August 03, 2017 18:11 0 comments

Romanian authorities have seized around 75 million smuggled cigarettes , worth RON 45 million in the first half of 2017, down by 1.3 percent compared to the end of 2016, data released by American Tobacco…more »

Study: Romania should invest USD 237 bln in infrastructure by 2040

News July 25, 2017 19:37 0 comments

Romania should invest USD 237 billion in its infrastructure by 2040, a study by Global Infrastructure Hub, an initiative backed by G20, shows.  However, according to the survey, should the current trends continue, Romania will…more »