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Romanian PM Tudose meets with US Ambassador Klemm

News August 08, 2017 16:48 0 comments

Romanian prime minister Mihai Tudose met on Tuesday with US Ambassador to Romania Hans Klemm in Bucharest. The agenda of the visit included talks on Romania’s role on NATO’s eastern flank.  The Romanian official and…more »

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US ambassador Hans Klemm donates USD 59,300 to the Superior Consistory of the Evangelic Church Sibiu

Finance May 04, 2017 15:35 0 comments

The US Embassy has announced that ambassador Hans Klemm is donating USD 59,300 to the Superior Consistory of the Evangelic Church Sibiu under the auspices of the special U.S. Department of State program called the…more »

Interior Minister Carmen Dan, US Ambassador Klemm stress importance of intensifying cooperation

News February 24, 2017 16:39 0 comments

Interior Minister Carmen Dan and US Ambassador Hans Klemm stressed the importance of intensifying cooperation between the two countries during a Friday meeting. During yesterday's meeting, the Romanian official and the US diplomat stressed the…more »

Roma ‘King’ Cioaba to Trump: We can build US-Mexico wall

News January 31, 2017 18:56 0 comments

Dorin Cioaba, the self-titled 'international King of the Roma people', who resides in Sibiu, Romania, told US President Donald Trump the Roma can help build the projected wall at the US-Mexico border, as they are…more »

Romanian Minister of Defense meets US Ambassador

News January 27, 2017 15:19 0 comments

Romanian Minister of Defense Gabriel-Beniamin Les met with US Ambassador Hans Klemm on Friday, on which occasion he stressed that the involvement of the United States is “essential” for strengthening the defense and deterrence against…more »